New custom home building

Building a New Custom Home with Windhill + Co.

The best way to get exactly what you want in your new home is to build it from scratch. With our roots in new development and real estate, Windhill + Co. Builders excel at ground-up, new construction. We bring a high-level and holistic view on the process of designing and building your dream home. Building a completely new home, adding to the architectural heritage of a local community and knowing that the new home will house generations of memories to come, is an exhilarating experience. Together, with our clients and our partners in the design trades, we begin each new custom home on a foundation of trust and a true spirit of collaboration.

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We Support New Builds from the Ground, Up

While exciting, there is also a lot of decision making that goes into creating a new custom home. Communicating and collaborating, remaining flexible and relying on our decades of experience are our core values and values we bring to each new build. We are seasoned experts in the trade and aim to make the process enjoyable and as stress free as possible. Challenges will arise, they always do, but we believe in our ability to face them with thoughtful, creative solutions.


Support in Site Selection, from Feasibility through Design. Market insights and from our in-house Windhill + Co. Realty team.


Gold Standard Estimating, Budgeting and Timelines with Transparent, Consistent Reporting.


Local Field Knowledge of Building Science Systems, Permitting and Regulations.


Warranty on all new construction, with White Glove Whole Home Property Care services available.

The Hilltop Project

New Construction Case Study

In Weston, a 4,000 square foot new modern farmhouse style home followed an exemplary path involving the homeowner, architect, designer and our project team, working together every step of the way. Each member knew their input was valued, and their presence in meetings and onsite was always welcomed. In a short time, the whole team transitioned from purely professional relationships to friendships, creating a comfortable and trusting environment for the next 18 months of work.

Relationships are at the heart of our approach. We value the connections we build with our clients, our subcontractors, the architects and designers we work with, and understand that a good relationship can make all the difference. We cultivate these relationships, ensuring that everyone feels like a valued part of the team, and this camaraderie translates into superior workmanship and a smoother construction process.


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