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Custom home building with Windhill + Co.

Master Builders

At the core of our services, our builders are skilled, resourceful craftsmen creating new homes and spaces for our clients across a wide array of project scopes and architectural styles. From new custom homes to major additions and renovations, we offer holistic home building services and a friendly, approachable and experienced team.

Our goal is to do all this, while creating a positive experience for everyone involved – to take the hard work of building and make it fun, to keep the joy of living in a totally custom home or space at the forefront of the process.

Learn more about building a new home with Windhill + Co.

Learn more about renovating or adding to an existing home with Windhill + Co.

Windhill + Co. + YOU

for a Positive Build Experience

Each project plan is carefully tailored to the unique specifications of your site and type of home you envision. We pride ourselves on our reputation of integrity, team-focused attitudes and creative problem solving. To meet these standards, we follow a consistent build process.


Good projects start with a strong connection and a good fit.

We know that project fit is a two way street. We want you to feel comfortable with our approach and excited by our ideas. We will take the time to walk your property and tour your home, discuss your vision and listen deeply to your goals. When everyone’s on board, we move forward together.

Measure Twice

Preparation is the key to an enduring build.

We believe strongly in investing in Pre-Construction Planning, limiting unknowns and unexpected challenges. Pre-Con services include:

  • Design Team + Site Selections
  • Estimating, Budgets + Project Timelines
  • Feasibility, Systems Configurations + Building Sciences

Cut Once

A single point of contact and in-house craftsmen make all the difference.

We use the industry gold standard, ProCore project management software, to keep projects running smoothly, to elevate the work of our subs and partners and to keep clients informed and up to date. A single point of contact and in-house control of interior detailing and woodworking ensures a premium quality finish throughout.

Stand True

Builders who are there for you, even beyond the build.

At the end of the project, the integrity of a Windhill + Co. build is our number one priority. We offer a comprehensive warranty to all of our custom home building clients and remain committed to our work long after the final coat of paint is dry. Beyond meeting the initial project goals, customized, ongoing home service programs are also available to our clients.

Fieldnotes: View our Current Works-In-Progress

Getting Started with Windhill + Co.

The best place to start is to get to know us and see why so many of our projects are repeat clients and personal referrals. Visit our blog, Windhill + Co. Fieldnotes to see more recent site views, works-in-progress and learn about the experience of a Windhill build.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Windhill apart as a top custom home builder?2024-02-26T20:14:23+00:00

With our widely ranging services, from in-house realty to fine custom woodworking, we can offer both value and investment insights, as well as the highest-level of detail and craft from a single point of contact.

How does Windhill ensure quality in every home building project?2024-02-26T20:15:33+00:00

Working with top talent in the field, both as members of our own in-house teams and as partners in the trades, ensures we bring the highest quality workmanship to every project. We offer a comprehensive, one-year warranty on our work, and always remain committed to our clients beyond the original scope of work.

How does the custom home building process with Windhill differ from other builders?2024-02-26T20:14:05+00:00

We are holistic home builders and we invest deeply in the Pre-Construction planning of our projects to limit waste, expense and unforeseen challenges.

Can I make adjustments during the construction phase while working with Windhill + Co.?2024-02-26T20:15:14+00:00

We expect and account for adjustments throughout the entire build process. Through flexibility paired with consistent, transparent reporting – we document and adjust for changes continually over the course of a build to achieve the best possible results for our clients.


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