At Marini Farm, a cornerstone of agricultural tradition for Ipswich residents and visitors alike, exciting developments are underway. Known for its delicious, farm-fresh produce and now a delightful array of baked goods, Marini Farm has grown significantly under the stewardship of third-generation farmer, Mike Marini.

Shawn knew and understood my vision even before I did. I was extremely lucky to be able to work with him.” Mike Marini

A Journey Through Time and Timber

It’s been an honor and a privilege for the Windhill + Co. team to help revitalize this cherished community landmark over the last eight years. Our journey with Marini Farm has unfolded in three thoughtful phases, each designed to enhance both the functionality and the aesthetic of the farm stand while honoring its rich history.

  • Phase I: Initiated in 2015, this phase saw the introduction of a bakery and commercial kitchen, allowing fresh baked goods to be added to the farm’s offerings.
  • Phase II: During the winter of 2021, we focused on winterizing the farm stand. This process included renovating the interior and exterior to provide a comfortable, all-season space for visitors.
  • Phase III: Completed in 2022, phase III included expanding the retail space and adding an awning to shelter the seasonal produce displays.

A Design with Heritage in Mind

In keeping with the farm’s traditional vibe, our design incorporated exposed eastern white pine and Douglas fir beams, giving the space a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The selection of iconic, American-made barn lights brightened the space and further enhanced the rustic charm integral to Marini Farm’s identity.

Lighting the Way

The interior spaces are illuminated with the gentle glow of The Original™ Warehouse Pendant Light, chosen for its flexibility and style. These fixtures, with their galvanized finish and heavy-duty cast guards, are a nod to both the farm’s working heritage and its contemporary needs.

Outdoors, The Original™ Warehouse Gooseneck Lights highlight the farm’s signage, drawing eyes and inviting new visitors to come inside. 

Looking Ahead: Expanded Possibilities

With the renovations complete, Mike Marini hints at “expanded possibilities,” promising more exciting developments at Marini Farm. As we look forward to these new projects, our commitment remains firm: to blend functionality with charm, ensuring Marini Farm continues to be a beloved destination for generations.

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