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Custom home renovations and additions

Working with Windhill + Co. on Your Next Home Renovation or Addition

From antique farmhouses to 90’s spec houses, we work with you and your design team to change the existing plan, structure, style and details of your home. Our clients have entrusted us with the careful period restorations, re-imagined “new-old house” renovations and completely contemporary additions to architecture, old and new. Often, a kitchen remodel or bathroom redesign begins the process, with other adjacent or supporting spaces – mudrooms, primary suites, kids bunks and great room/family rooms– organically following the re-creation, expansion or addition of those main living spaces.

Our Renovation Process is Tried + True

In New England, we have celebrated a changing architectural landscape for hundreds of years. Working in these communities, our builders are skilled at the process of adding and renovating spaces in homes of all ages, bringing structures and systems up to current standards and re-imagining those spaces to the delight of the homeowners we serve.


We Listen to your goals and any pain points in the existing house.


We support the design with materials, budgets and subs that best meet the project goals.


We communicate a budget and timeline and keep steady progress reports to meet both.


We care for your existing home, neighbors and family throughout the process.

Windhill + Co. Builders Transformation Stories

View our “Before and After” Gallery of Home Renovations and Additions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the typical timeline for a complete house renovation with Windhill + Co. Builders?2024-05-21T15:52:14+00:00

While each timeline is unique to the scope and complexities of the project, we pride ourselves on completing work on-time and on-budget. See some examples of project timelines throughout our Portfolio.

How does Windhill handle different styles and requirements in home renovations?2024-02-26T20:35:28+00:00

We collaborate with top level architects and designers, providing decades of experience dealing with coastal, historic, local and state regulations to achieve the goals of the build.

How does the cost of home additions vary with size and complexity?2024-02-26T20:38:04+00:00

We are skilled at navigating the large number of decisions and selections that go into custom home renovations and additions. We work as trusted advisors to you and your design team throughout the budgeting phase.

How do Windhill’s home renovations impact property value?2024-05-21T15:51:07+00:00

With our unique set of in-house realty services, time and value calculations as well as real market considerations are a natural part of the Pre-Construction planning program.

How do Windhill’s home addition contractors ensure the new space aligns with the existing structure?2024-02-26T20:37:49+00:00

We partner with the region’s top architects and designers, working extensively during the design and pre-construction phases to ensure cohesive plans are delivered to site for execution. Our site crews work meticulously from plan to bring the design vision to life.

Do Windhill’s additions to homes require specific permits?2024-02-26T20:38:21+00:00

Permitting is based on the location, type of home and particulars of the site. We have decades of experience working through the particulars of local New England towns and cities.

Do I need to move out during the renovation process?2024-02-26T20:37:05+00:00

We work with our clients to ensure a safe, efficient work site, no matter the scope of the work. For some phases of major renovations, vacancy allows work flow to stay on time and within budget.

Can I get a consultation before deciding on a renovation with Windhill + Co. Builders?2024-05-21T15:51:56+00:00

Yes! A personal and thorough introduction period, determining a good project fit and getting to know one another ahead of any contractual work is always key to a successful build.

Can I collaborate with my own architect for the home addition?2024-02-26T20:38:38+00:00

Absolutely, yes! We are flexible, collaborative and professional build partners who work with architects and home designers across the region. Regardless of who is selected, we do suggest connecting the design-build team early in any process, to keep design and construction goals aligned from the very start.


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