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Trust and professionalism from the start

Our Collaborative Spirit

Merging Home Design with Practical Construction Practices

Every project team is composed of you (the client), the designer (architect and/or interior designer) and the builder (Windhill +Co.). Establishing this relationship early, with shared project goals and regular communication practices, is the key to our success. Windhill +Co. has a tested and true approach to the design-build process. The best projects are the result of a strong team, creating a foundation of trust and professionalism from the very initial phases of design.

This equal-sided, triangular relationship creates the strongest possible foundation for the entire design-build process to unfold. We follow the same adherence to the spirit of collaboration if working with an architect and interior designer previously selected by the client, or recommended by our project leads as part of our holistic approach to your build.

Which comes first, the architect or the builder?

The answer, of course, is that you need both, working together, from an early phase to ensure the most successful outcome of your project.

Some traditional models of building or renovating a home involve the client relying on the architect to reach a pool of builders for proposals after the initial design is complete. We have experienced that the design-build theory model, when architect and builder are established together, from the earliest phases of concept and scope definition, to be more successful. From this partnership, additional contractors, vendors, materials and timelines can flow through a streamlined budget and preconstruction process.

Design-Build Theory, in Practice at Windhill + Co.

Our trade partners rely on us for everything from site selection, to feasibility and budgeting oversight, from advice and training on material selections and sources, and evolving information around the sciences of green building. The truest budget numbers can only come from actual market values, so engaging in pricing with subs and materials during your initial design phases is paramount to ensuring your budget, timeline and scope are aligned with your goals.

Good technology and communication are at the core of our practice. From the highly sophisticated ProCore project management software, to our cloud based accounting and hosting processes, job progress, changes, schedules, notes and updates are presented clearly and easily across the team, internally and with key partners.

The Benefits of our Integrated Approach

Comprehensive Planning

As a general contractor with roots in real estate evaluations and all aspects of the business of home, we understand the immense value and trust clients are placing with our team.

In-House Craftsmanship

In addition to our skilled carpenters onsite, our full-service woodworking and cabinetry shop will elevate every build with a single point of contact.


We pride ourselves on consistently delivering projects on time, on budget and beyond expectations. This is only possible with the foundation of trust and communication established in the design-build model.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Windhill ensure the effectiveness of their design-build approach?2024-05-02T15:52:49+00:00

Investing in Pre-Construction relationship building, getting to know our partners in trades and values of our clients ensures an effective and enjoyable process.

How does the design-build theory influence the final outcome of a project?2024-05-02T15:52:23+00:00

The decades of feedback from our clients offer insights into the success of this approach. Read about some of these personal experiences here.

How does the design-build theory differ from traditional construction models?2024-05-02T15:50:56+00:00

As opposed to traditional models, the architectural team and Windhill +Co. Builders are communicating ahead of a final design schematic, to ensure constructability and design, budget and expectations are aligned.

Can I see some examples of projects built with the design-build theory model?2024-05-16T15:12:41+00:00

Absolutely. Our portfolio is full of examples of our collaborations with top architects and interior designers. Visit Hilltop, Peach’s Point, and The Johnson-Thompson House, just to name a few.

Are there any challenges associated with implementing the design-build theory?2024-05-02T15:52:37+00:00

Once established, the trust and communication at the heart of our process will make the project goals easier to achieve and the work more enjoyable for all members of the team.


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