Welcome to Windhill + Co.’s “Builders, Work in Progress” series, where we showcase our ongoing projects and the meticulous craftsmanship that defines our work. Our current project at Coolidge Point, Manchester-by-the-Sea, highlights our expertise in fine finishes to create cohesive, stunning results.

Meticulous Sequencing of Stone Countertops, Casework, and Cabinetry Installation

One of the critical components of this project is the careful sequencing of specialty materials and artisanal finishes – from stone to casework and cabinetry. Precision and timing are key as we fit these elements together for a picture perfect finish to come. This process requires precise timing and coordination to ensure that each element fits together perfectly. Our team has been diligently planning and executing each step, from selecting the perfect slabs of stone to custom-built cabinetry, crafted just a few towns over, that complements the entire design.

Intricate Tile Installation

Right now we are wrapping up tile installations across kitchen and bathroom spaces. We rely on our incredible subs to ensure flawless position and placement — setting the envelope for the next layer of woodwork, fixtures and finishes ahead. From the selection of materials to flawless placement, every tile is positioned to enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the space. The coordination between the tile installation and other finishes is crucial, as it sets the stage for a harmonious interior design.

Bringing Spaces to Life with Interior Painting

As the interior painting progresses, our painters are bringing the spaces to life with carefully chosen colors that reflect the design vision. This stage is essential in tying together the various elements of the interior finishes, providing the perfect backdrop for the stone countertops, cabinetry, and tile work.

Exterior Finish: Mahogany Trim at the New Marvin Doors to the Rear Terrace

Meanwhile, the exterior of the Coolidge Point project is also receiving special attention. Our team is currently installing the exquisite mahogany trim around the new Marvin doors leading to the rear terrace. This luxurious detail fully enhances the visual appeal of the durable exterior, elegantly blending the indoor and outdoor spaces.

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